The Dubuque Rescue Mission serves breakfast and lunch 7 days a week and dinner every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. They serve approximately 4000 meals every month. Our St. Elizabeth Pastorate provides a meal at the Rescue Mission every other month. Thank you to all who support this cause. The picture shows some of our members serving the meal in February.



Are you thinking spring cleaning and garage sales? Then it's not too soon to start boxing up items for the St. Elizabeth Pastorate Kentucky collection! Once again, we will be partnering with Resources Unite to collect and distribute items to Kentucky. The collection will be held the first two weeks in April.  All items can be taken to the Faith Formation Building in Epworth. We are looking for clean, usable items. (If you wouldn't want to use it anymore, neither will anyone else.) Most needed items include newborn clothes, size 4 - 8 kids clothes, and plus-size clothing. We will also accept furniture, working appliances, car seats, and toys. If you have questions about donations, call Jane Bechen at 599-9012.




Wow! What a great bake sale. The Social Justice Committee would like to thank all who donated items, purchased items or gave a monetary donation. We had a great turnout!

The Social Justice Committee partnered with Seton Catholic School and Resources Unite to donate 4 truck loads of clothing and household items to the Friendship Center Retail Store, run by volunteers of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, in Williamsburg, Kentucky.  A huge thank you to all who donated items to this worthy cause.  The less fortunate in that depressed area of Kentucky are so grateful to receive these items.  Also thanks to those that helped pack and load the trucks.  God Bless you.
In the pictures below, members of our community are volunteering to build a home.
rescue-mission-collectionThank you to those who contributed to the collection for the Dubuque Rescue Mission for our Shelter the Homeless Works of Mercy weekend. As the picture shows, it was very successful. The Social Justice Committee is again appreciative of the generosity of so many in our Pastorate parishes. Information will be coming soon for our "Visit the Sick" weekend on October 8/9.


Some of the members of the Pastorate Social Justice Committee.

Social Justice Committee photo 2016.1

Front left to right: Jane Bechen (Chair person) Diane Schmitt, Kim Koetz

Back: Ellen O'Connell, Sherie Kuhlmann (Secretary), Karen Hunt, Jeanne Noonan




The Social Justice Committee of St. Elizabeth Pastorate will empower the parish community to proclaim the Good News through the practical works of charity, justice and peace by responding to the needs of God’s people in the parish and on a local, national and global level.  We will do this by promoting:

  1.      Identification of issues

By listening to parishioners needs

By assessing the needs of the local, county and world community

By determining priorities for action

     2.       Education of parishioners through communication 

By Pulpit announcements

By church bulletin notes

By providing parishioners with handouts

By personal invitations, letters and phone calls

By displays in the gathering space

  1.      Leadership and Support

By identifying parishioners with gifts/talents to spearhead projects

By enlisting the aid of parishioners

By active involvement, both time and talent



For minutes of the last meeting, go to Pastorate Minutes on the main page.